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Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many people as possible build diversified passive income and long-term wealth by facilitating small investments into multiple larger commercial properties. We accomplish this by working with securities lawyers and CPAs to structure our investments in a legal and profitable way for small investment amounts. We are currently able to offer $10,000 investments to US Citizens and are working on a general solution for non-accredited US Investors, as well as allowing non-US citizens the opportunity to invest in $10,000 increments.

Meet The Team

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Dovid Preil

CEO & Founder

Dovid started his financial career back in 2008 when he realized that the global economic collapse was an excellent time to start investing. In 2013, Dovid joined a boutique mortgage brokerage firm and excelled at financial structuring and finding creative solutions to seemingly intractable solutions.Troubled by the lack of options available to smaller investors, Dovid founded YDLP investments in 2016 to help smaller investors realize the cash-flow and upside of high-quality commercial real estate investments. Since then, he has successfully helped over 150 investors start building wealth through diversified real estate investments.

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Jacob Lehrfeld

Chief Investment Officer

Jacob has been involved in commercial real estate for close to twenty years. In 2003 Jacob joined the team at David Garfunkel and Co., rapidly becoming their senior analyst. Jacob has closed over $200 million in a range of deals, including retail centers, office buildings, and multi-family properties. Jacob’s warm personality and a keen understanding of real estate has served him well as he has established strong relationships with many of the top operators and lenders in the commercial real estate world.

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Legal services provided by Robinson Franzman LLP

Accounting services provided by Wise CPA Group

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