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"Until you learn to make money while you sleep, you will be going to make money until the day you die."

Netanel Bolender
Investor Relationship Manager - YDLP Investments Group
Mobile: 058-674-4515       

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My Goal: Help make your money work for you through diversified US Real Estate Investments

Why Invest at least part of your savings In Real Estate?

Simple & Understandable

  • We are strong believers that you should only invest in vehicles you understand. Evaluating a Real Estate Investment is straight forward, and easy to understand.


Inflationary Hedge

  • $1 today isn't worth the same as $1 ten years ago.

If your money is in the bank, you're losing $ over time due to inflation. Wouldn't it be nice to put that money to work for you?

Excellent Passive Income Vehicle

  • Real Estate typically outperforms dividend yielding stocks and corporate bonds.


Tax Advantages

  •  Under the US tax code, the owner of a property can write off a certain amount in losses every year.  Methods such as Cost Segregation, and Depreciation are used to offset gains: lowering taxes, and increasing profits.

I would be honored to serve you on your journey

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